Goodbye Destination Addiction - Hello Magnetic Manifestation!

Looking for a free and fun way to create a life you love? Lets create a new and improved vision board!

Before we get into creating let's start with 3 simple things you can do to attract the things you want before you even make the time to craft your vision board!

1. Act like you already have what you want, you know that quote: "envision the greatest version of yourself & show up as her daily"? That's a perfect example of magnetic manifestation 😉

2. Be thankful for what you have 🙏🏼 this is a toughy for most, it's so easy to dwell on the lack (been there, put a lot of energy into that 🙃) but it serves no one 👎🏼 Give thanks for what you have and you'll attract more to be thankful for ✨

3. Be in-ten-tio-nal 📢 Intention is everything. Create a vision board, journal regularly, affirm yourself daily, etc. Whatever will help keep your goal or vision top of mind 🧠

Practice those three steps and the things you want will flow freely to you.

SPEAKING OF VISION BOARDS, let's get into this vision board REMIX. If you prefer to watch videos feel free to check out the IGTV I created on Instagram. If not, hang out with us for a pictorial of how we can make this free and fun vision board. Please note, it's NEVER too late to create a vision board, people go crazy creating vision boards at the start of the year, but the truth is, you can create quarterly vision boards, bi-yearly vision boards, mentor vision boards, etc.

This "remix" project was inspired by a quote I posted on Instagram:

"If your entire life was like this day, would you be happy?"

So this doesn't replace the vision board that we know and love, right? Right. Every year, we get our magazine clippings and bang out our vision boards. You can actually do the vision board we know and love AND the version we're creating today. In typical vision boards we put together a bunch of stuff that we want some manifest for the future, a better place to live, a better place to work, partnership, better relationships, basically, things that would up level our life. 

This vision board is more like a gratitude board. 

For this project, all you're going to need is a device. If you're reading this blog, then you have access to one, you can do this on your phone, on your computer, etc. I prefer to do it on my laptop, just because it gives me more flexibility when it comes to editing.

Now, before we get into the digital piece, we're going to take some notes.

Pop out that journal and answer the questions above.

If your answer was no to the first question, ask yourself, "what was what was I lacking this day?"

If your answer was yes, think about what aspect of this day you would want to replicate or be intentional about producing the rest of your life.

Now, the third step is to answer why its important for your life to consist of the things that you mentioned in the second question. Because that's what's going to anchor those feelings into this vision board. When you create vision boards, you should think about how you want to feel in life. This is going to be your daily reminder to be intentional towards these goals.

When you're thinking about these words, or these concepts, or these themes, or these values, tuning into your five senses may help you come up with things - What do you want to see on a daily basis? What do you want to smell? What do you want to feel? What do you want to taste? And those should be the feelings, values, or things that your vision board embodies.

This is your life. There's no right or wrong answer.

Now that we have journaled, let's set the vibe. Get your coffee, get your candle or your diffuser, play some music. Just like we tapped into the five senses when you were thinking about what to incorporate into this vision board, let's start being intentional with tapping into those five senses now! 

We'll be using to create this digital board.

Once you create an account and sign in you can browse their templates. We're going to click "Templates" and then search "Vision Boards" 

You can select a template that stands out to you. I typically choose one that's formatted how I'd like my final product to look so that I have to do minimal editing.

Once I've selected the template I like, I resize it to a desktop wallpaper. I use my lap top daily and having a desktop wallpaper that reminds me of my goals is everything to me. If you feel the same, you can resize as well. If not, you can leave as is and get to customizing. 

I recorded my screen customizing in my IGTV  you can also check this youtube tutorial if you've never used Canva and still aren't sure how to customize a template.

Below, you can see how I customized mine. I started with this template:


and I ended up with this:

I have images of my siblings, closest circle, family members that I cherish, of movement I enjoy, and more! Basically simple things I used to take for granted, but are truly what light me up on a daily basis. I used the little post it note to remind me of a quote I love and to reinforce the purpose of this project "the mind doesn't know the difference between what you're thinking and what you're experiencing". I used the other long note which was included in the template I selected, to list the words that came up in the second journal prompt. Even the colors in the background mean something to me! Intention is everythingggg y'all.

After you're done customizing your template, save it as a png and put it on your desktop wallpaper, and/or print it and put it on your mirror or on your desk. Wherever you're sure to look daily and reminded of the life you want to create.

Like we said in the beginning, goodbye destination addiction, hello magnetic manifestation! If you create a board using this tutorial, I'd love to see it! Send it to or tag us on instagram @cafecitoandconfidence! 

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