Why Cafecito & Confidence?

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Hey there, my name is Melissa Fernandez and I am the creative superhero behind Cafecito & Confidence!

I created Cafecito & Confidence after resigning from my corporate job and diving head first into the entrepreneurial world. I am a coffee loving goal getter who created this apparel store to help people just like me express themselves with apparel that is comfortable to work AND play in!

Our merch fits everyone's style with tees and sweaters that can be dressed up or down. The versatility of our products can even help you declutter your space. I used to have a closet full of clothes that I could only wear to work out in or clothes that I could only go out in. The beauty of our apparel is that one tee can do so much. The same tee you work out in can also be paired with a bomb power suit (after a good wash of course). Choosing outfits on a daily basis used to be a hassle, but now I look forward to it because styling my Cafecito and Confidence Tees is so fun and easy. 

Speaking of hassles, we all know what it's like to wear uncomfortable clothes. Itchy fabrics or uncomfortable buttons and tags can easily drive you crazy. Good news for you is that one of the most used words in our product reviews is COMFORTABLE. Our #cafecitosquad trusts our brand to produce products that will not give them any of those issues and provide a pleasant apparel experience.

Our merch is versatile, fun, comfortable, stylish, and expressive.

Now, when we wake up in the morning we won't just be looking forward to a delicious energizing cup of coffee, but also to throwing on our CAFECITO & CONFIDENCE merch and reminding everyone that WE ARE POWERED BY COFFEE and we have the CONFIDENCE to take over the world! 

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